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I don't know if it is related, but I also noticed that the system time did not update using the Pi 3 onboard Wi Fi.It updates normally with a (Ralink based) dongle though.

When using Pi 2 or 3 time/date is not synchronizing at boot.

I have several machines (on completely different networks) all running either 11.04 or 12.04.

On all of them except one NTP works fine and the time stays sync'd fine.

There's a bunch more info in the 'Pi 3 SSH over Wi Fi not working' threads in Troubleshooting. When I switched to dongle with Realtek chip I got response after about 10 seconds.

I'm not familiar enough with linux routing to understand how it all fits together and what could be wrong though so haven't got any further it. @chrisoh I have similar results - zeroes for Broadcom dongle and non-zero values for Realtek.

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