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(My perception is that this is to facilitate the change from in-house to out-sourced payroll).I believe that this is not allowed, but I can't find solid substantiation other than the IRS' definition of contructive receipt.The objective of this study is to examine the impact of a prior limitation on deductibility of compensation, Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m).In contrast to much of the debate today on the need of the federal government to raise tax revenue, the primary goal of Section 162(m), which limited tax deductions for executive compensation, was not to raise revenue but to reduce excessive, non-performance-based compensation—in other words, to do something about excessive compensation that 1992 presidential candidate William Jefferson Clinton campaigned against.With the continued increase in executive compensation and resultant increase in pay disparity between those executives and the average worker, this issue is once again coming to the forefront of the public policy debate.Over the years, lawmakers have tweaked the tax code to limit disfavored forms of executive compensation, while regulators have increased the amount of disclosure companies must make. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has introduced the Income Equity Act of 2011 (H. 382), which would amend the Internal Revenue Code to prohibit deductions for excessive compensation for any full-time employee; compensation is defined as “excessive” if it exceeds either 0,000 or 25 times the compensation of the lowest-paid employee, whichever is larger.If you record the donation as received in 2013, are you allowed to provide a donation statement to the donor for 2012?

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I'm debating about having a friend make a big stink over it (admitedly, "sour grapes" driven) because I feel it's wrong - and they've made poor choices in getting to this point and into this mess.There are primarily two situations that are considered backdating: when you send your payroll less than two days prior to the paycheck date, and when you send a payroll with a paycheck date prior to the send date.Keep the following tips in mind: It is easy to create and modify payment checks in Quick Books, which might lead some people to believe that it is just as easy to modify payroll checks.Audits I have been through only as for copies of the checks (since the envelope with the postmark are rarely kept).drowns lines between filing forms and applying principles.

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