Consolidating iphoto libraries capable of accomodating nsr

Photos and metadata are easily copied or moved from one library to another without opening the second library.i Photo Library Manager also has an option to rebuild corrupt i Photo libraries (it happens).

It lets you create multiple libraries with ease, kills photo duplicates, gives you options to search for photos across multiple libraries, and even merges libraries or splits libraries into new libraries.

With improvements in features and functionality, editing and sharing photos have never been so fun.

Though it is similar to i OS 8 in terms of functionality, but Apple made sure that i Phone users feel comfortable with the new app and make a transition from i Photo & Aperture to Photos app smooth and easy.

Many of us don’t care to have all our photos stuffed into a single monolithic library of photos.

For us, photo management is an issue.i Photo has events, but no way to really segregate one class of photo from another, made especially worse if the Mac and i Photo have multiple users, but a single user account. Yes, just in time for the holidays is a tip on how to create and manage multiple i Photo libraries on the same Mac but with only one user account.

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